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Addium – Can Brain Enhancers Lead More Intelligent Communities?

The brain is perhaps the biggest determinant of success, health and happiness.

A brain, which is performing at its peak, ensures focus, memory, perception and creativity. These attributes enable us to excel in tasks, which are critical for academic, professional, business and even artistic success.

Unfortunately, sometimes the brain lets us down. We have a serious deadline to meet, but we can’t seem to concentrate.
We are running late for an appointment, but can’t recall where we put the car keys. We enter an exam and can’t remember what we studied the night before – only to remember the answers after the exam.

Such scenarios are an indication that something isn’t quite right with our brains. It means that some factor e.g. fatigue, stress, anxiety, or aging is interfering with our mental processes.

As such, our focus, concentration, memory, judgement and creativity are seriously degraded.

In such situations, the brain needs to be reinvigorated. It basically needs to be fired up, stimulated or “given a kick on its backside.” It needs a stimulant which will restore its normal functioning. In scientific lingo, such a stimulant is usually referred to as a nootropic.

What Does Nootropic Mean?

addium-reviewsA nootripic is a natural or synthetic compound which improves brain functioning. A good example which almost everyone is familiar with is caffeine.

Many students and professionals use coffee to help them study or work longer. They feel that the caffeine in the coffee keeps them alert, focused and mentally sharp for longer than normal. When used in this respect, the caffeine is a nootropic.

However, the term “nootropic” is seldom used to describe caffeine.

It is mostly used to refer to drugs, which are created to improve mental functioning. These drugs are commonly referred to as “cognitive enhancers” or, more popularly, “smart drugs”.

Nootropics are designed to improve aspects of the brain such as memory, focus, cognition, reasoning and creativity. They typically work in two ways: by directly stimulating the brain; or by eliminating certain things, which affect brain, functioning e.g. stress, anxiety and fatigue.

One of the most popular Nootropics currently on the market is called Addium.

Lots Of Info On Addium…

Addium is a dietary supplement, which is designed to improve brain functioning. It improves aspects of the brain such as focus, concentration and memory.

The manufacturer claims that users of Addium can enjoy improved memory, elevated moods and better mental clarity.
Addium is available in form of capsules. The capsules are synthesized from a number of naturally occurring and synthetic nootropics.

These include Ginkgo Bilboa, St. John’s Wort, phosphatidylserine, DMAE Bitartrate, Acetyl L-Carnitine and Gin. Each of these plays an essential role in improving an aspect of brain function.

Is Addium effective?

Addium works through a combination of the actions of its constituent ingredients. Each of these ingredients improves an aspect of brain functioning. Below is a summary of the actions of each of the ingredients.

Ginkgo Bilboa – is a natural herb, which boosts blood circulation to the brain. This ensures that the brain gets a healthy supply of oxygen, thus improving memory and cognition.

St. John’s Wort – is a naturally occurring antidepressant. It eliminates stress and anxiety and thus ensures physical and mental relaxation. This makes focus and concentration much easier.

Phosphatidylserine - is a neurochemical which is essential for maintaining the structure of neurons and stimulating the formation of brain cells. It keeps the brain healthy by replacing any degraded or damaged cells.

DMAE Bitartrate – is a compound, which stimulates the acetylcholine neurotransmitter. Acetylcholine is critical for memory, cognition and neutron growth.

Acetyl L-Carnitine – is an amino acid, which is the body’s natural energy booster. It helps a person to feel invigorated, energized and motivated. It is essential for overcoming fatigue.

Gin – is an ingredient, which boosts energy and tissue recall.

When put together, these ingredients help in boosting different aspects of brain functioning. This includes memory, focus, concentration and cognition. In a nutshell, Addium works by stimulating different aspects of the brain. This ultimately leads the user to enjoy a number of benefits.

How Can Addium Impact The Brain?

It improves both short-term and long-term memory. This makes it beneficial for short-term, intermediate and long-term mental functioning.

It improves concentration and focus. This makes it simpler for you to accomplish complex mental tasks.

It elevates the mood, and makes you feel energized, motivated and euphoric. This ultimately makes you more productive.

It improves overall brain health. It does this by stimulating blood circulation to the brain and stimulating the development of brain cells.

It improves mental processing by boosting the brain’s reaction time. This improves your capacity for creativity, logic and reasoning.

It can act in as few as 30 minutes. This makes it an effective option for stimulating brain functioning on short notice.
Any Downsides?

The major downside of Addium is that it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. Given its rigorous standards, FDA approval usually gives a drug a measure of certainty.

The lack of FDA approval means that users of Addium have to undertake a certain measure of risk.
However, there haven’t been any reported cases of downsides among Addium users.

This can perhaps be attributed to the fact that it is synthesized from mostly natural ingredients.
Even then, the absence of FDA approval will leave some people a little uneasy.

Does It Actually Deliver Results?

Now, judging the effectiveness of a nootropic is actually quite tricky.

This is because finding an effective measure is difficult. Judging a drug, which is meant to cure an ailment, is much easier.
However, the best way to find out the effectiveness of a nootropic is through user feedback.

Most user feedback for Addium is extremely positive. Many addium reviews written by users give are actually glowing. Here is an unedited version which is taken from the official Addium website:

“I started using Addium just to help study and do homework. Eventually, I started taking it every day because it seems increase my performance in any situation.

I feel like Superwoman when I’m taking Addium!” – Tiffany Goldstein
Here is an excerpt from a Addium review written on a third-party website. This user was describing the benefits of Addium:

“In meetings it was seemingly easier for me to recall the facts and figures without any mental pressure and I could focus better.

My happier mood increased by brain’s responsive power and interactive ability too…”

Although these are only two user comments, they certainly tally with the promises made by Addium manufacturer.
There are many similar positive brain fire reviews, which have been written by users. As such, it is safe to conclude that Addium has helped me.

The Verdict: Is Addium Worth A Try?

For a person who is looking for a simple, effective and safe way to boost their brain functioning, Addium is certainly worth a try.

A combination of natural ingredients, no side-effects and positive user reviews means that Addium is the real deal. Therefore, if you are looking for a remedy to boost your memory, focus and cognitive abilities, then Addium is the perfect choice.

iPAS 2 Marketing Development System – Professional Business Help

ipas2 business leadershipPerhaps you have been considering starting your own business, but you don’t have an idea on where to begin. Well you should not as this is a common problem among many entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders in the world of direct sales and internet marketing.

iPAS 2 reviews convey that the founders and owners hope to help most team builders who spend too much time preparing for a sales job or coaching program that they are not use to or prepared for yet. Only to come to the righteous realization that the marketing-oriented job does not exist or if it does, you realize that it is not as good as you thought.

Being your own boss is probably the best thing that could happen to anyone.

Once people identify with you as a leader with a business plan worth its weight in gold, there is no waiting for the end goal to peak.

Consider the following iPAS2 Marketing System benefits;

· You set your own rules

· There is no limit to how much money you can make

· You answer to yourself only

· You can work in your own convenient hours

· You can choose where to work from and many other benefits.

In this article, we are going to give you tips to Becoming your own boss with ipas.

How To Make A Decision To Get Started With Ipas2

Take the bold step

If you are not proud of your present conditions in the world of investments and finances, it would be important to appreciate the fact that you are the only one who can fix your problems. Don’t blame your situation on the government, family, schools, boss and so on. Take the bold step and step out of the blaming zone and do something. Change can only happen if you make it happen.

This is where experts who review iPAS2 are extremely high on the fact that they have grown great lengths building a solid community of proven results and successful endeavors. We talked about this in our MOBE business ideas last time.

Do a self-analysis to identify which business is right for you

Look at different aspects of yourself such as age, personality type, and social styles and so on to know what types of businesses you can flourish in. do not forget to listen to your conscience. Deep inside, your soul could be telling you what you need to be doing. Listen to your intuition as it will always tell you the truth. If internet marketing is your thing, try iPas 2 which will open your world in was that you can't imagine.

Prepare a business plan

Having a business plan is the best way to know where you are going and also to be able to evaluate your performance. Planning will ensure that you get to the market much faster. A business plan helps you gain focus, confidence and clarity. A business plan can be as precise as a one page document. In the plan, list your goals, the strategies you are going to employ as well as your action plan. Following your plan will ensure you success within the shortest time possible.

Establish support networks

Support networks will play a very crucial role in the success if your business. This network comprises advisors, vendors, supporters and partners. You can establish these networks within your locality, nationally and also through social media networks.

Market and Brand your business

After you have set up your business, the next crucial step is to pass out the word that you are in business. Use all affordable avenues of marketing that you can access. Use social media platforms to market your business such as You Tube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tweeter. Also don’t forget to use the traditional marketing methods such as promotions, word of mouth, emails, blogs posts, internet marketing tools such as ipas 2 system and so on.

10 Small Business Ideas That Make Return On Investments

As today’s world becomes more wireless and connected, it gets easier to start an Internet-based business. The Internet allows entrepreneurs to connect with a national or international customer base from anywhere.

As long as you have good communication skills and a little knowledge on how to manage a website, you can be in business almost instantly provided you have good products, services or information that others want. If you’re searching for the best ways to to become an online entrepreneur, we got you.

10 Return on Investment Business Ideas

Below are 10 great business ideas to help you get started.

1. Web design: A web layout is very important for a start-up business. So, if you have great taste in design or if you know a bit of HTML, you can start a service that makes attractive and user-friendly websites for small companies.

2. Affiliate marketing: If you are the kind of person, who loves leaving reviews on shopping websites, stop doing it for free. A great way to start cashing in is to become affiliate to products that you like or use.

By writing reviews you can recommend products to other people and receive a commissions if they buy from your recommendation. If you work on improving your marketing skills it can get easier to become an affiliate of multiple companies and promote their products or services.

Companies like My Online Business Empire and Dubli offer great marketing training that could help you learn how to improve your marketing skill to promote businesses or affiliate ventures.

3. Cover/resume letter writing: Its hard to admit, but standout cover letter or resume makes all the difference when applying for a job. If you are familiar with writing perfect CVs, you can get hired to assist others in this sector for a good pay.

4. eBook author: Another way of becoming a successful online entrepreneur is by writing about subjects of your knowledge and sharing the information with interested readers.

Using the correct marketing tools, you have a good chance of publishing your own book through self-publication online. An ebook can be a great start to your online publishing career.

5. Nutrition/health coach: Most people seem to be pretty lost, when it comes to nutrition. Moreover, research shows that nearly 70% of the adult population is obese, and most of them are looking for ways to lose weight and balance their diet but they simply have no clue where to begin.

As a nutrition health coach, you can use your knowledge in health and exercises to assist people on living a healthier lifestyle through your online platform.

6. Part – time technical support: Many start-up businesses have no extra room for full-time IT technicians. Thus, when their technical systems break, they regularly call a computer expert, family member or friend.

As a part time technical support, you could offer them instant remote support and get rid of their need to call for a favor.

7. Etsy shop: Etsy is a clothing platform that sales crafts from crafters who can produce a stable supply of handmade items. If you can get your materiaks from a particular craft supplier, and turn orders around fast, you could make good profits.

8. Coaching online courses: This way to make money (ganar dinero) involves educating people on things you know inside and out. For example, you could teach people how to bake, how to do yoga and how to maintain their skin through instructional packets or videos on your website.

You can also schedule Skype lessons with customers. Programs like MOBE (my online business empire) can be of great help if you want to get into becoming an online coach professionally.

9. App creation: Many people are willing to pay good money for applications to help them manage their lives easily. If you happen to know how to code and have great ideas, you can try making your own app. You can use reliable software and developers to help you create your application.

10. Virtual delivery store: Thrift store fans make good revenues from reselling their traditional clothing. You can brand yourself by creating a website as your practical storefront, and use a service such as Google Checkout to manage your transactions. You can also use catchy copy and top-notch images for your stuff to be noticeable to internet users who are selling their used items online.